Confidentiality. We appreciate your reputation and we know that the fact of contacting us can breed rumors about problems in your company. Our task is not to allow this, so our cooperation will remain strictly confidential

Speed of decision-making. Our own asset evaluation criteria allow us to efficiently make decisions about cooperation in each specific case. We do not promise that we manage to help you, but we guarantee that we will not postpone the consideration of your request

Fair valuation of the asset. We are not limited by the banks' requirements and regulators' instructions, and therefore we can make decisions about cooperation based on our own experience and knowledge. We are not interested in understating the value of the asset and offering you evidently disadvantageous terms of cooperation, because the worse our offer is, the less likely you will be able to save your business, and this is what our main goal is

Flexibility of transactions' structure. If necessary, we can use foreign jurisdictions, conduct transactions through letters of credit, pay in foreign currency. In simpler terms, we are always on your side, taking into account all your requirements and wishes, if they do not contradict with our principles