For over 15 years of experience in dealing with troubled assets, the Solution Capital team has learned that:
- even a successful and promising business can get into a difficult financial situation
- in most cases, a business owner needs only a small amount of support, be it a loan or a debt restructuring consultation, to get out of the crisis

Today, Solution Capital Partners is a modern company with its own funds, which is ready to support business that has found itself in a difficult financial situation.

We will do our best to offer you the optimal and effective solution depending on your goals and capabilities:
- to save business and collateral assets
- to restructure debt and restore business health
- to sell a debt secured by a collateral
- to get rid of the business with the return of at least a part of the financial investments

Solution Capital Partners’  Mission is to support small and medium-sized businesses and promote their healthy development
To implement the mission, Solution Capital Partners has all the necessary assets:

- home equity
- independence from bank requirements
- experts with deep expertise in problem assets and analysts, able to cope with difficult financial situations
- own criteria for assessing assets' liquidity